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Electric Control Of Blown Film Machine
Oct 08, 2018

The general unit is equipped with an organic group operation cabinet. The total button is connected to the main power supply to open the main switch of the motor. The splitter switch can be used to control the fuselage and the three-way, and the molds are electrically heated. The key parts of the two sets of coils are thermocouples. Automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature control. During normal production, the temperature can be automatically controlled to ensure stable and reliable production process. There are many types of blown film machines, such as PE, POF and so on.

The new material is blown out with new particles, the color is called, clean, and the bag is stretched well.

Some people also use recycled plastic bags to make particles. These particles are generally called old materials. When they are made into particles, they are usually gray. When making bags, they usually add pigments, making the bags unevenly colored, brittle and fragile. The price is also lower.