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Busy Machine Loading
Dec 21, 2018

At the end of 2018, busy for machine loading.

40HQ * 1 to Saudi Arabia : 

SS-HL 1200 Film blowing machine & bag cutting machine on 16th, December, 2018

40HQ * 1 & 20GP * 1 to Turkey 

SS-ABA 800mm High Speed Film Blowing Machine * 2 sets, Bag cutting machine and 2 colors printing machine on 18th, December, 2018

40HQ * 1 to Kuwait: 

SS-HL 600 LDPE rotary die film blowing machine * SS-CGS 400PCS/min super high speed t shirt bag machine on 20th, December, 2018

We believe that all of clients who received our machines will be have a better and better markets for their business.


Welcome to contact if have interest in plastic bag production line.


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