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Introduction to shrink film machine
Oct 08, 2018

Shrink film machine, also known as shrinking machine, shrink packaging machine, is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the market. The shrink film is wrapped around the product or the package, and the shrink film is wrapped around the product or the package by heating, which fully displays the appearance of the article, improves the product's marketing performance, and increases the appearance and value; while the packaged article can be sealed and moisture-proof. Anti-pollution, and protect the goods from external impact, have a certain cushioning; especially when packaging fragile products, can prevent the container from scattering when scattered; in addition, it can reduce the possibility of product dismantling and stolen; Multiple items are packed tightly and in trays. Heat shrinking machines are widely used in glass bottles, styrofoam, cartons, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, fruits, commemorative labels and other packaging.

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