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Injection molding machine industry development
Oct 08, 2018

The injection molding machine manipulator is an automated production equipment that can simulate some functions of the upper limbs of the human body and can be automatically controlled to transport the products or operate the tools according to the predetermined requirements. Chinese plastics processing plants in the coastal areas of South China and East China have shown increasing interest in robots, but the penetration rate of injection molding machine manipulators in the domestic plastics industry is less than 10%. The robot can ensure consistency in the operating cycle, improve quality and be safer.

With the rapid development of the plastics processing industry in China, the degree of automation of injection molding equipment is also increasing. Modern injection molding machines are often equipped with robots to increase production efficiency. The number of export and imported injection molding machines in China is basically the same, both of which are about 15,000 units, but the import value is 920 million US dollars and the export value is 350 million US dollars.

Precision injection molding machines are mainly foreign brands. Biaxially stretched PET in extrusion equipment, membrane units, precision medical catheter extrusion units, etc. have also been the domain of foreign companies. It is necessary to develop domestically produced precision injection molding and extrusion equipment with independent intellectual property rights. On the one hand, it can replace imports, and it can also make China occupy a place in the high-end market of international plastic machinery.

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